Ukulele Strummers

Ukulele“Ukulele Strummers” meet every Wednesday at 16 Harlow Avenue NW. from early September until the end of April with a break for Christmas holidays.

We meet to strum and sing for two hours starting at one pm. And ending at Three pm.

There are about sixty of us and the cost is $1.25 per week, or twenty dollars for the Fall Winter set 14 sessions and again twenty dollars for the winter spring set, about 16 sessions.

Great fun and everyone is welcome to play and sing. We can help you down load our songs to I pads and or print out the songs, Books get heavy! We have wind up party’s at the end of the sessions. Come and join us , we go around the room and that way everyone gets to pick out a tune.

Contact Rick Staple at 403 274 3257  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Hope to see you there.


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