Developmental Controls For Highwood

To all Highwood Community Residents:

Are you concerned about the growing number of infills in our community?

There is a precedent setting development permit application for a 3 story infill on 21 Highwood Place currently hearing objections. The developer has not met many of the cities bylaws.

The deadline for public comments on this development is Friday January 22.

We, as a community, can maintain control of this development and others in our neighbourhood and there are many ways to do it. But we must engage ourselves and have our voices heard. You may think “it’s in a different part of the neighbourhood, it doesn’t affect me’.  However, if we let this one proceed it could, very well, happen right next door to you! Developments like these, left unchecked, run the risk of blocking views, blocking sunlight and encroaching on privacy by having windows overlooking into neighbouring property.

Many of our neighbouring communities have their controls in place to have their say and control future developments, however, Highwood has none, yet.

If you would like to see developmental controls instigated in your community, please come forth to help with this endeavor.  A committee is being headed by one of your neighbours, Dean Stewart.  Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 403 230 2470 if you would like to be involved.  The more voices the better and more expedient the result.  

Please feel free to contact the city planning department, sign the following letter, or better yet, write your own!

Download Development Permit Letter




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