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Cambrian Heights currently serves the communities of Cambrian Heights, Highwood, Queen’s Park Village, and Evanston. The school’s enrolment continued to increase with the accommodation of the north expanding community of Evanston during 2013-14 and in December 2014, the system designated all new families with school age children in Evanston would be designated to a second school site, North Haven, beginning September 2014. Cambrian Heights maintains the existing Evanston families and siblings. The total enrolment of the school was 383 on September 30, 2014 and our current student population is 396 with a staff (full and part-time) of 42 including 21 FTE (23 actual teachers) teachers/administration, 18 Support Staff and 2 Facility Operators. Cambrian Heights serves students in a regular Kindergarten to Grade 6 as well as one Paced Learning Program class for students with special needs. The school hosts a community operated before and after school daycare, Children Come First.

Cambrian Heights is a vibrant, diverse and inclusive learning community dedicated to advancing personalized learning through meaningful student engagement. We take pride in our strong literacy base, use of inquiry-based learning, collaborative learner support and teaching model, grade looping and interdisciplinary infusion of technology and the Fine and Performing Arts. Our school development and renewal work focused on maintaining high academic standards, advancing higher order thinking skills, creating meaningful and rich tasks and means of representation across the core curriculums as well as implementing targeted learning models and other formative assessments, fostering student agency and intellectual engagement. Reflecting the CBE Results through character, personal development and citizenship, students are encouraged to be actively involved in school, local and global community initiatives such as showcased by Grade 6 Kids Care Market which raised funds for more than 6 student-selected charities as well as many other classroom initiatives, resulting in our learners earning the privilege of participating in WE Day 2013 & 2014. Central to our beliefs is that an atmosphere of respect, compassion and responsibility in a safe and caring environment promotes and sets the conditions for optimal learning. Character and Virtue Education are embedded into our daily curriculum studies and classroom expectations. We are dedicated to creating and sustaining a sense of belonging in such an expanding and diverse learning community. It is nurtured by a number of partnerships such as Big Brothers and Sisters In -School Mentoring, Between Generations/Grandparent Program, Go Girls Program, Bridge Foundation Mentoring Program, F.A.N.S. (Food and Nutrition at School), Etiquette for Success, MAAST, S4-Start Smart, Stay Safe Partnership and Families and Schools Together. Our parent community remains highly involved and supportive of stewarding resources and projects that enhance core curriculum for their children and work diligently to create a sense of belonging and community through the organization of many school-wide events such as Welcome Back Pancake Breakfast, Year End Play Day Barbecue, Butterfield Acres, Artist-in-Residencies such as African Drumming, Inuit Residency, Special Lunches and Spirit Day and Student Leadership activities working in collaboration with the professional team.

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